Silhouette Boat Builders Yachts
Every Silhouette yacht is the result of a rigorous and uncompromising approach to design and manufacture - cutting-edge production techniques and systems engineering. Techniques significantly reduce hull weight resulting in higher speeds, improved fuel efficiency, extended cruising range. By reducing weight we are able to satisfy increasing customer demands for the latest equipment and appliances. Our hulls set the standard for achieving higher speeds in safety and comfort, even in the most challenging conditions. We ensure each yacht is designed to perform with the utmost efficiency and quicker transition to plane. They are equally responsive and easy to handle in the confines of a busy marina In matters of comfort and safety, nothing is left to chance. Computer profiled spray rails roll water away to keep the boat drier at high speeds. Advanced sound-deadening materials, and a bespoke exhaust system, silenced and water- cooled, minimise engine noise and emissions.
Silhouette Yachts don't just turn heads, but hearts and minds too.
Every detail receives the same obsessive attention.
Silhouette Yachts do not just look superb, but can be relied on to perform.