Fractualisation Ownership
Silhouette motorised yachts boast the penultimate in luxury. The interior designer's Antonio Bettari's main quest was to design style, elegance and luxury beyond the human mind this is not a five star motorised yacht; this is a yacht that boasts luxury so definitive that the Milky Way glances in air. Silhouette yachts are built out of pure passion for mans desire and quest to enjoy the peace and tranquillity that the human soul seeks in the tranquillity upon water. The cabins are designed to be sensual bringing in the Italian flair to combine luxury with flair of orgasmic passion. Knysna, Cape Town VNA options available. Contact Selchem Holdings for further information
Silhouette Boat Builders Yachts
Silhouette offer fractional ownership for both our sport and VT cruisers. FFractional Ownership is sold up to quarter shares, with our sport family cruisers (2 bedrooms) positioned at the Riviera, millionaires row on the Vaal river. Quarter fractional ownership is set at R 250 000 per quarter share option. Other benefits included: the cruiser is permanently moored with walk on mooring, with exrenal power supply, at the Riviera exclusive Vaal hotel, which allows full access to all hotel benefits, including lunches, breakfasts, dinners, gym, enjoying sundowners whilst enjoying your luxury cruiser. All this is available, in the unlikly event you decide to dine outside of the luxury of your private yacht. Cleaning of the Silhouette yacht, inside and out, is taken care of prior to your booking date, by the Silhouette management team. Refuelling of your motorised yacht, as well as verifying all engines, electronics are checked and good to go by the Silhouette management team. Personalised crockery is placed within the cruiser as well as all your own custom bedding. Refrigerators will be stocked as per your order request. "Silhouette setting the bench mark in premium luxury yachts, with complete 5 star no fuss service guaranteed" Through fractionlisation turning ordinary people into millionaires